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A Late Fall
7 October 2011

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Darkelf Photography on Monet Marsh
You have certainly presented the scene here in a painterly quality. Fine work Dennis.

Harry on Monet Marsh

Elaine Hancock on Monet Marsh
This is just beautiful Denny! It does look like a Monet painting!

omid on Monet Marsh
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors, lights & reflections! Lovely !!!!

Steve Rice on Monet Marsh
A gorgeous image that does look like a painting. The light on the water is pure magic.

Steven on Monet Marsh
Beautiful colors and dynamic sky!!

Existence Artistique on Monet Marsh
intéressante recherche

Ronnie 2¢ on Monet Marsh
This looks like some long-forgotten masterpiece . . matured over time.

omid on Intimacy
such beautiful focus, colors, lights & bokeh! L O V E L Y !

Steve Rice on Intimacy.....
Beautiful colors.

Darkelf Photography on Intimacy.....
Beautiful and very thoughtful Dennis!

Elaine Hancock on The Protector
This is just lovely! A gorgeous black and white image!

Martine Libouton on The Protector
Une très belle prise et beau B&W

Darkelf Photography on The Protector
Lovely composition and great mood amid some serious thoughts...

Steve Rice on The Protector
A beautiful image! The glowing protector should stand in front of the White House to keep out the mean spirited, ...

omid on The Protector
Lovely !!!

Existence Artistique on The Protector
bel effet

Ronnie 2¢ on The Protector
You have said it all - I'm stumped to add anything to this !

Darkelf Photography on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys
The glow of the lilly leaves is fantastic, be it gold or silver :-)

Steve Rice on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys
Gleaming gold! Very lovely.

Steven on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys
Beautiful waterlilies accompanied by nice reflections!!

Existence Artistique on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys
bien ces tiges

Dimitrios on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys
a work of art

omid on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Lovely reflections!

Anne on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys

Ronnie 2¢ on Silver (or Gold) - Plated Water Lillys
I am relieved to read of your own perception of the of the pads and stalks here . . I could not quite unravel it in my ...

B. Thomas on "Peaking" peak! - Mt Shucksan
Many interesting layers here.

Darkelf Photography on "Peaking" peak! - Mt Shucksan
Fabulous light and tones. I like the visual tension between the mountain and tree - both are very well positioned in ...

Steven on "Peaking" peak! - Mt Shucksan
Gorgeous light that illuminates the sky!!

Steve Rice on "Peaking" peak!
A beautiful shot of Mount Shucksan, Denny.

Existence Artistique on "Peaking" peak!

omid on "Peaking" peak!
such beautiful composition, layers, clouds, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !!!!

Martine Libouton on "Peaking" peak!

Jypyä Pop on "Dark Shadows"
This is beautiful view

Jypyä Pop on Hazy Hunter's Moon
Stunning moonlight

Steven on Hazy Hunter's Moon
Stunning composition with this moon that appears so large and, as Darkelf says, haunting!!

Elaine Hancock on "Dark Shadows"
A lovely image. Gorgeous color in the sky!

PD on Beauty Lost - Life Lost - - -
Very nice, Congrats!

Martine Libouton on "Dark Shadows"

B. Thomas on "Dark Shadows"
Lovely sky.

Darkelf Photography on "Dark Shadows"
Great sky and I like the subdued light too.

Steve Rice on "Dark Shadows"
As Ronnie noted, the dark shadows are coming fast these days as the big mouth-in-chief descends into insanity. ...

omid on "Dark Shadows"
Amazing sky!

Phil Morris on "Dark Shadows"
I loved the TV show darlk shadows and the shadows can get so dark there that there are billion dollar horror movies ...

Ehsan Hemmati on Beauty Lost - Life Lost - - -
Artistic Congratulations!

Existence Artistique on "Dark Shadows"
beau ciel

Ronnie 2¢ on "Dark Shadows"
We are living in times of darkening shadows, Denny . . here's hoping they will pass.

Annima on "Dark Shadows"
Nice sky.

karla on Beauty Lost - Life Lost - - -
Denny, a beautiful tribute regarding a terrible day. And congratulations on the color spotlight. The color and muted ...

Darkelf Photography on Hazy Hunter's Moon
Magnificent work. The haunting mood, the subdued light and the moon make for a brilliant scene. Love your composition ...

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