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A Late Fall
7 October 2011

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omid on Pathway to Dawn
such beautiful composition, perspective, colors & lights! L O V E L Y !

Steve Rice on Pathway to Dawn
A gorgeous sunrise.

B. Thomas on Pathway to Dawn
Very nice sunrise.

Rick on Pathway to Dawn
Flawless composition, Denny. That road leading into the scenery adds a lot of depth, and the light is superb.

Ralf Kesper on Pathway to Dawn
Wonderful deep sun shot.

Libouton Martine on Pathway to Dawn
Une très belle photo

Existence Artistique on Pathway to Dawn

Magda A.-Coulter on It's a Fog Cloud!

Magda A.-Coulter on Pathway to Dawn
This is so beautiful, Denny! Composition, tones and mood - excellent!

Anne on Pathway to Dawn
Belle composition

B. Thomas on It's a Fog Cloud!
Lovely colors.

Steve Rice on It's a Fog Cloud!
A cool cloud in any case.

Existence Artistique on It's a Fog Cloud!
intéressant ces couleurs

omid on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
L O V E L Y !

B. Thomas on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
Photography should be fun, so go for it.

Magda A.-Coulter on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
I love the glow from street lights onto this 'golden' tree... Simple, calming... I imagine walking the ...

Existence Artistique on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
bien ces feuilles

Ralf Kesper on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
I like that.

Ronnie 2¢ on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
Magical . . there is a touch of Christmas about it !

Steve Rice on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
It feels like the north pole. Very cool!

Anne on "Frozen" - Without the Reindeer
Golden leaves

Marcel P. on My Blue Heaven
You have a beautiful country... in blue !

B. Thomas on My Blue Heaven
Lovely view, and always different.

Steve Rice on My Blue Heaven
Very beautiful and peaceful.

Existence Artistique on My Blue Heaven
bien ces bleus

Ralf Kesper on My Blue Heaven
Always a good place at a pier over calmy water in fresh air. Nice image, Denny!

Ronnie 2¢ on My Blue Heaven
What a magical effect . . I could live with that !

Ronnie 2¢ on In Isolation!
By the time you leave there you will not recognise yourself !

Steve Rice on In Isolation!
You'll be out soon!

Ralf Kesper on In Isolation!
But your "triple" was a really nice one :))) Have a good work out there, Denny.

B. Thomas on In Isolation!
Nice selfie, Denny.

Existence Artistique on In Isolation!
bien la diagonale

Magda A.-Coulter on In Isolation!
LOL You are too cute!

Libouton Martine on Power to The People
Très belle ta photo

Jaya on Power to The People
A hug to You, both ! and Power to the People !!

Existence Artistique on lkPower to the People
bel orangé

Anne on lkPower to the People

Steve Rice on Power to The People
A gorgeous image!

omid on Power to The People
such beautiful composition, colors & lights! Amazing silhouettes.

Magda A.-Coulter on Power to The People
You are always so kind to me, Denny! Thank you! You took this amazing shot yourself! I had nothing to do with it. ...

Existence Artistique on Power to The People
belle lumière

Rick on Power to The People
Kudos to both of you for this very pretty shot.

Ronnie 2¢ on Power to The People
That is one ace caption there . . and the image deserves it !

Ralf Kesper on Power to The People
Nice and well made sunset shot.

Magda A.-Coulter on Remembering Today

Magda A.-Coulter on Contemplating the Leap
Nice one!

Magda A.-Coulter on San Francisco Native - Birthday Girl - Aurora

Magda A.-Coulter on Awakening
This is a real beauty! Gorgeous!

Magda A.-Coulter on Early Harvest Sunrise
Look at that sky! OH my! Magnificent

Magda A.-Coulter on Swampland sunrise
I think this is the most beautiful and inviting swamp I have ever seen! :) Love the sky!

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