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A Questionable Future!
19 December 2020

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A Late Fall
7 October 2011

Recent Comments

Rose on When the Decisions are Difficult
This is absolutely, totally wonderful!

Rose on Ok
Love this!

Rose on Better times for Texas
This is a wonderful sky shot!

Steve Rice on Better times for Texas
A beautiful shot.

omid on Better times for Texas
Amazing sky!

B. Thomas on Better times for Texas
Lovely shot. Thanks, Denny. It is MUCH better in my part of Texas today. We have heat, light, and water. The sun is out ...

Existence Artistique on Better times for Texas
beau ciel

Anne on Better times for Texas
Nice sky anyway

B. Thomas on Ok
How nice to have a snow day, and not an "Extreme Weather Event"!

Steve Rice on Ok

Elaine Hancock on Ok
The snow everywhere looks so pretty! Hope you are keeping warm Denny!

Existence Artistique on Ok
bien vu

Steve Rice on Sunshine on mybWindow

Existence Artistique on Sunshine on mybWindow
super( la vue

Darkelf Photography on Snow Coming in
It does look dramatic and very ominous.

Steve Rice on Snow Coming in
We had 15 inches of snow on the ground Saturday morning.

omid on Snow Coming in
Amazing silhouettes & sky.

Existence Artistique on Snow Coming in

Darkelf Photography on J
Good to see you Dennis. Still going strong, I hope!

Steve Rice on J
Ha ha, nice one, Denny! Happy Valentine's Day!

B. Thomas on J
Happy Valentine's Day!

Jason Kravitz on J
Happy Valentines Day Denny and nice to see you !

Existence Artistique on J
Bien ce portrait

B. Thomas on “what’s New?”
Nice image.

Steve Rice on “what’s New?”
A lovely morning.

Existence Artistique on “what’s New?”
belle lumière

Anne on “what’s New?”
Nice sky

Steve Rice on When the Decisions are Difficult
A beautiful B&W photo.

Darkelf Photography on When the Decisions are Difficult
Wonderful black and white image Dennis.

B. Thomas on When the Decisions are Difficult
Wonderful B&W image, Denny.

Existence Artistique on When the Decisions are Difficult
bien ce ciel

yoshimiparis on Shape of Things to Come?
this photograph brings a little bit of mystery

yoshimiparis on “Straight and Narrow!”
You make me laugh with this clause, but I think it's a great idea

Doug on Shape of Things to Come?
I hope there are better things coming Denny, my thoughts and I'm sure the rest of the world are full of hope ...

B. Thomas on Shape of Things to Come?
Nice sky. Hopefully better times ahead.

Steve Rice on Shape of Things to Come?
The end of the insanity is in sight.

Existence Artistique on Shape of Things to Come?
bien ce ciel

anne on Shape of Things to Come?

B. Thomas on Nightmare
The countdown is on, but it's not soon enough!

Steve Rice on Nightmare
Insurrection! Twelve days to go.

Gérard on Nightmare
It's not a nightmare, it's the inescapable reality of 4 years of Trump's madness.

Existence Artistique on Nightmare
eh oui marre de ces personnages ui se détruisent et détruisent tout autour

Doug on Nightmare
It's so sad to see a country suffer such sickness and for a leader to allow it to fester then encourage it to grow ...

Doug on “Straight and Narrow!”
Nice image and even better idea Denny. Not so sure about it applying to politicians though, they are too slippery ...

Darkelf Photography on “Straight and Narrow!”
Great perspective and I like that bit about the clause in your New Year statement Dennis ;-) Hope 2021 is kind to you!

Steve Rice on “Straight and Narrow!”
Nice leading lines.

Existence Artistique on “Straight and Narrow!”
Superbe cette perspective

B. Thomas on “Straight and Narrow!”
Nice perspective shot.

Ralf Kesper on “Straight and Narrow!”
Very nice perspective.

B. Thomas on Desert Dreams
Beautiful sky, Denny.

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