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A Late Fall
7 October 2011

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Darkelf Photography on Reed Abstractions
Indeed they look like one seamless transition. Very clever photo. Great vision Dennis.

Elaine Hancock on Reed Abstractions
This is beautiful Denny! Gorgeous light and color. I love the cloud reflections. I hope that you are doing well.

existenceartistique on Reed Abstractions

Steve Rice on Reed Abstractions
Reed art!

Ana Lúcia on Reed Abstractions
Excellent symmetry.

Martine Libouton on Reed Abstractions

Shaun on Reed Abstractions
Not an easy shot to take Denny, but you really manage this one. This is one of those images that look so simple to ...

Ralf Kesper on Reed Abstractions
Beautiful colors and refelctions. I like this kind of abstract works.

rbassin on Reed Abstractions
joli graphisme

Anne on Reed Abstractions
Nice lines

omid on Reed Abstractions
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & reflections! Lovely!

B. Thomas on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
Perfect focus, bokeh, and DoF. Lovely image.

Harry on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
another nice use of this techique, though you have chosen a less colorful leaf to isolate

Harry on Well, OK - Autumn
good use of shallow depth to highlight this bit of fsll color

Darkelf Photography on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
The last two photos make a wonderful example of the many photographic opportunities that autumn provides. The colour ...

Ana Lúcia on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
The bokeh is beautiful.

Steve Rice on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
A lovely image. Superb bokeh.

Steven on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
Gorgeous warm autumnal color with a great bekoh result!!

Dutchess on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
Beautiful colors and focus!

Anne on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
Nice bokeh.

existenceartistique on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn

Shaun on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
The background really bursts out behind the lone leaf. Nice result Denny.

Libouton Martine on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
Vraiment superbe !

Anna Cherer on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
Beautiful capture, details and bokeh !

Dreams come true on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
This is a good autum picture with a nice bokey.

Ronnie 2¢ on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
Sure has that autumn 'feel' . .

Harry on "Variation on a Theme" II - Late Autumn
well executed

Dutchess on Well, OK
Very poetic!! The colors and bokeh are stunning!

Denny Jump on Well, OK
Thank you so much, Maciek!! Cheers to you and Paulina!

Darkelf Photography on Well, OK
Beautiful photo Dennis. The red leaf catches attention instantly and the warm glowing bokeh in the background is a ...

B. Thomas on Well, OK
Very nice autumn image.

Steve Rice on Well, OK
Beautiful colors, shapes, and bokeh of autumn.

omid on Well, OK
such beautiful focus, colors & bokeh! L O V E L Y !

Steven on Well, OK
Gorgeous colors accompanied by a nice shallow DoF to give you the bokeh effect!! And here I thought it was captured in ...

Marcel P. on Well, OK
bien !

Rick on Well, OK
Let's see... two wonderfully coloured leaves, sweet bokeh, nice highlights on the branches. Hmmm. How DARE you ...

Anne on Well, OK
Nice shot.

Shaun on Well, OK
Now this this is just magnificent. I really like this one. 5*

Martine Libouton on Well, OK
Vraiment superbe bravo à toi 10*

Gérard on Well, OK
Yes indeed, all is OK on this usperb picture, all !

Ralf Kesper on Well, OK
Very nice colors at the leafs and superbe dept of fields in this image.

Ton cœur adoré on Well, OK

Ronnie 2¢ on Well, OK
I think you should add 'autumn' to the title so this image goes into that wonderful you have on that theme !

Darkelf Photography on Through the Soul...
Lovely, moody and soulful scene that evokes a lot of emotion. Head up Dennis! There is as much joy as there is sadness ...

Steve Rice on Through the Soul...
A beautiful autumn mood.

omid on Variation on a Theme
L O V E L Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!

omid on Through the Soul...
Amazing atmosphere!

Rick on Through the Soul...
Very nice ! I love that misty mystery.

Jaya on Through the Soul...
thank You Denny for this moment of peace :-)

Martine Libouton on Through the Soul...
Un beau paysage

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