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The Unselfish World of Photography

Posted by
Denny Jump (Bellevue, WA, United States) on 12 November 2010 in Cityscape & Urban.

Please don't take this too seriously, however, I thought, since this was Friday, that everyone might get some mild entertainment out of a little story I have to share. This text and post is actually my salute to the courteousness of photographers. However, under the banner of "There's always a first time, " here is a story of some very..."unphotographer-like" people, aka, "discourteous people with cameras." Unlike true photographers, the two trendy types I am going to tell you about were, in my opinion, definitely NOT photographers.... I don't care how technically skilled they may have been! Here goes:

It's the afternoon of Christmas Day, 2009, San Francisco. We have just had a lovely Christmas morning with our son, David, and daughter-in-law, Lyndsy, exchanging gifts, later visiting Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Garden, and then, on to Fort Point - as you see here - at the southern foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, just having fun, taking some shots and enjoying the late Christmas afternoon.

David, and I are near the railing of the parking lot, taking shots of the bridge and the bay. We are standing at an approximate 45 degree angle to the view - when just behind us, a black blur (which later revealed itself as a Range Rover) screeches to a halt in the handicap parking spot (of course)! We roll our eyes but ignore this and continue with our shots. But then, suddenly, the doors of the "Black Blur" fly open and out jump a youngish couple, dressed in perfectly matching "Black Ops"- type (skin tight) outfits with matching dslr cameras and gear...and, oh yes, matching commando shoes!! They literally move right in front of us, as if we were not even there, inches from our lenses and they take positions smack, and I mean SMACK in front of us - right in our viewfinders, with their backs to us and they begin firing away on their matching cameras (both D700's I believe). They did not excuse themselves, nor did they ask if they could stand in our way...they just did it!! By now, I am so shocked, I am speechless. This behaviour is SO UNLIKE any photographer that I have ever known, that all I can do is shake my head! Even David, who stands at 6'-3", and a lot more aggressive than I am (He can't stand disrespectful people) normally would have gone over and confronted them but he is is amazed too!

Neither one of us could believe what had just happened. All we could do was turn and walk away. Later, I told David that all I could figure was that these two were really not photographers, because their behaviour was totally adverse to any photag I had ever known...photographers who are the kindest, most courteous and unselfish people around. If someone is in a spot taking shots, we always go around and/or excuse ourselves, or, at a minimum, ask permission if it is ok to "stand over here"...something...but never just "barge" in front of the other photographer.

There is an etiguette in the world of photography that is totally based on courtesy and respect...I don't know where these two came from but it must have been the planet "I-Me,Me,My!"

OLYMPUS E-510 1/160 second F/7.1 ISO 100 20 mm

** Staples Singers - "Respect Yourself"

- " We do not move forward from a middle opinion, which is undemocratic but mediocratic.
We advance from a creative passion "- (Edgar Morin)

- "To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at
that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy."
- Henri Cartier-Bresson.

::Words from Denny:
- My beliefs, and values, have always been strongly tied-to music, especially Jazz, and Blues.
- The following artists and lyrics seem to "sum-up" where my spirit resides:
; Earth Wind and Fire

1/160 second
ISO 100
20 mm