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Florets on Ice - Winter isn't ready to Leave

Posted by
Denny Jump (Bellevue, WA, United States) on 24 March 2011 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

The Trees are starting to bud and the Cherry Trees down in Washington DC are getting ready to put on their annual "show" (see my posts beginning tommorrow) but her in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Old Man Winter is hanging around for a few more days. Yesterday we got about 3 inches of the wet fluffy kind of snow and more is predicted for today...but the trees are pushing out the buds. This Hawthorn tree has blossoms that resemble a cherry blossom, the florets are getting a cold treatment as they begin their journey to flowerhood. Spring is actually here, we just don't know it....

NOTE: Please let me know...this image was WAY brighter on my iMac monitor at home last, looking at it from my work pc monitor, it looks really dark! I have NO clue what happened, but please accept my apologies if this shows up rather dark on your monitor - sorry...Denny


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Bill Brown from California, United States

Hang in there Denny, that spring weather is not far away. We don't have to worry about snow but we sure are getting a lot of rain and they are keeping a close watch on the levees.

24 Mar 2011 5:12am

@Bill Brown: Hi Bill - I know, being from there, we always watch what is going on...and with the ever-increasing snowpack, the lakes wil be wayyy up there. Great for the Farmers, Photographers, and ski resort operators but watch out everybody else ;-) Thasnk Bill!

Phil David Morris from Saskatoon, Canada

It almost resembles this ice lying down in a hammock, so very carefree.
Wonderful photo.

24 Mar 2011 5:22am

@Phil David Morris: Hey maybe it would go good with Diane today...Cool as Ice but Hot to see!! Thanks Phil!!

Bettina from Los Angeles, United States

Wow, no it's clearly not. A wonderful capture, though. Beautiful in this dof.

24 Mar 2011 5:25am

@Bettina: Thanks Bettina ;-)
I loved your image today ....stay well!

Monterey John from Hollister, CA, United States

I really like this one, Denny. I kind of enjoy the "small world" myself (see today's post). Nice work.

24 Mar 2011 5:38am

@Monterey John: Hi John - yah I LOVED your snail - very cool...Thanks very much!

Kenny from Eastsound, United States

Okay Denny, maybe neither of us miss San Diego, but a little of that weather wouldn't be too bad. Wonderful capture though, brrrrr!

24 Mar 2011 5:49am

@Kenny: HI Kenny - no we sure don't miss it...but yes I am looking forward to not shivering at night...few more months and we will be damn glad that we have air conditioning!! Thanks for your comment ;-)

GJC from Kyoto (京都), Japan

Wow, now that is a contrast with yesterday's shot! :-) We are slowly moving towards spring here.

24 Mar 2011 9:52am

@GJC: Wait 'till you see tomorrow's ;-) Cheers, GJC!!

Scene by Sharon Photography from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Phil is right! The ice looks like it is reclining on the little branch - just hanging out .... it is way too comfortable - we need some warm weather to make it go away.
We lucked out yesterday, the storm that was to hit us missed. It was terribly cold, but we didn't get the precipitation that was forecast.
Come on spring!!

24 Mar 2011 10:06am

@Scene by Sharon Photography: Hi Sharon and thanks so much! I'm glad the major one missed you...we had thunder and lighting last night and snow this AM but just sprinkle...meanwhile I see the buds continue to come uot so it won't be long...Have a great weekend - tomorrow is my "off" Friday (where I work, we get every other Friday off but we make up the hours during the other 9 work days in the two week period..I can deal with that when, effectively, I get an additional 24 days off every year....Cheers!

Stephen from Canberra, Australia

Very crisp shot with the ice wrapped around the branch - unwilling to let go! Cool bokeh effect as well.

24 Mar 2011 11:37am

@Stephen: Hi Stephen - Thanks very much. I sure do love your image of today - as all of them!

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

One of the realities of spring in the northern climates Denny! We have had snow every day this week and we are starting to despair that spring will never arrive! ;-)

24 Mar 2011 1:36pm

@Eric Cousineau: Hi Eric - I think I can identify with your statement,....many folks who have lived in this "neck of the woods" much longer than I are saying the same thing. I continue to remain a believer though! I know it is actually here..we just haven't noticed...yours will be there soon andspringtime in the Rockies is the best place to be ;-) Thanks very much for your comments ;-)

Tamara from Aarschot, Belgium

What a gorgeous close-up ! I'm looking at it on a PC (not usual for me ;) and the colors are really good... not dark at all. The bokeh is really nice also. I love it. Have a fantastic day Denny :)

24 Mar 2011 2:59pm

@Tamara: Hi Tamara - Thank you so much...Are your trees budding? I hope spring is there for yu...looking at Jason Kravitz's post it looks like blooms are there for you already on your trees..have a great weekend!

Julie from Easton, United States

A really nice shot Denny. Hopefully the snow and cold doesn't ruin these buds! Wasn't that storm we had yesterday a bit odd???? Snow, sleet, rain, thunder, lightning??????

24 Mar 2011 3:48pm

@Julie: It certainly was but after the winter and "spring" we are having / had...nothing would surprise me...Hey you sure can't say it hasn't been interesting ;-) Have a great weekend coming up ;-) Thanks Julie.

Francisco Romero from Carbajal de la Legua, Spain

Very good compositon and contrast of colors. Very well seen and worked!

24 Mar 2011 5:54pm

@Francisco Romero: Hi Francisco - Thank you very much but I think that your image for today should get the Spotlight - it is phenomenal sir! Beautiful!

Williams from Nova Scotia, Canada

Denny Great close up which looks fine on my MacBook. I think we were given March just to try our patience. I look forward to your cherry blossom shots.

24 Mar 2011 8:49pm

@Williams: Hi Paul - Thank you so much - don't you love Macs? We sure do...we have a mac mail address too..will send it to you seperately...Did you get my note about visiting Anza Borrego Desert State Park near San Diego? Just curious.....cheers and thanks!

Franz from Baden, Austria

poor you - still no spring?!? but as long as winters offers photo opportunities like this, we "mustn't grumble", right? love the sepia touch, even though it may have been unintentional!

24 Mar 2011 9:49pm

@Franz: Hi Franz - Thanks very much - I am not complaining that is for sure. I love thes never knows when they will be available again. It does rather have a sepia touch to it doesn't it? Tomorrow I start my Cherry Blossom series (a very short 3 day series ) Take care Franz - Wishing you all the best...Denny

MissT from Chicagoland, United States

It's still quite cold where I am, too - Great compositio here!

24 Mar 2011 11:32pm

@MissT: Hi missT - Thanks very much!

LauraS from Chico, United States

Actually, Denny, I wouldn't want this any brighter on my screen. I'm viewing it on a LARGE iMac monitor and it is nice!!!! Seems like spring is trying to move forward everywhere, but winter is hanging on and causing distress. Here in Chico we have all the blossoms out on the fruit and nut trees, but it's freezing here, and windy is whipping upwards of 50 mph, not usual at all. We even had a tornado touch down nearby yesterday. Weird, I say!!!

25 Mar 2011 2:16am

@LauraS: Whoa that IS weird for the Sac Valley! Thanks for the input Laura! We are headed to VErmont for the weekend but i will be watching -Sorry too - I need to check your site out again - I have so many people that I try to lok at someone always sufferss...I owe you a visit...Stay Well dear friend!

Ralph Jones from Detroit, United States

Nope, she's not done and could care less about what the calendar says. Today I photographed icicles outside my door.
I use a Mac with Firefox as my browser and on the occasion I few my images on a PC and a different browser I am always shacked at the difference.

25 Mar 2011 2:56am

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

Denny, it looks fine on my MacBook. Nice shot.

25 Mar 2011 2:57am

Becky from los angeles, United States

winter can be SO stubborn - great great shot!

25 Mar 2011 4:45am

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Let's hope those buds survive. I got snowed on the first day of spring down and Joshua Tree National Park. And here I thought was supposed to be Southern California! ;–)

29 Mar 2011 12:50am