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Manzanar - Final Chapter

Posted by
Denny Jump (Bellevue, WA, United States) on 11 January 2013 in Documentary & Street.

Through the ages, man has brought brutality upon man. Revenge seems to have been the priority. Hatred the action.
Understanding and tolerance all but forgotten.

I know this series has been difficult, but it is a true chapter in the history of man, just as were the attacks, just as there were the holocaust. We can only try to do better before it is too late....Time may be running out

If you are interested in learning a bit more about the lives of camp survivors and their children who were born or grew uo in the camps, I highly recomment the below link which will guide you to the web page of a Bay Area (California) Emmy Award winning documentary that first aired on PBS in the1999. The documentary was directed by a dear friend of mine, television / film director, Media expert, artist, Musician and Poet, Mr Stephen D (Steve) Holsapple of Sacramento, CA.

A "follow-on"docu-drama was also made a few years later in 2003. It was titled, "From a Silk Cocoon".. also Co-Directed by Steve and Dr Satsuki Ina (the leading force behind both films and the entire effort) "From a Silk Cocoon" Also won a Bay Area (California) Emmy Award.

I cannot seem to get the link for Silk Cocoon to affix here, but here is the link address that can be copied and pasted in a google page

Thank you

** Staples Singers - "Respect Yourself"

- " We do not move forward from a middle opinion, which is undemocratic but mediocratic.
We advance from a creative passion "- (Edgar Morin)

- "To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at
that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy."
- Henri Cartier-Bresson.

::Words from Denny:
- My beliefs, and values, have always been strongly tied-to music, especially Jazz, and Blues.
- The following artists and lyrics seem to "sum-up" where my spirit resides:
; Earth Wind and Fire

Christine from Ellemford, United Kingdom

Well done and document series Denny, very interesting

11 Jan 2013 7:48am

@Christine: Thank you very much Christine - My Friday off today so I get a chance to visit folks...I'll be "around" :-)

Nigel from Avening, United Kingdom

Well documented series Denny

11 Jan 2013 7:56am

@Nigel: Thanks so much, Nigel :-)

Veronique from France-and-, Switzerland

Thanks for the links and to make us aware of what happened.

11 Jan 2013 9:53am

@Veronique: Thank YOU, Veronique, for your kind comments and wonderful images as well :-)

Julie L. Brown from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Most people do not know about this shameful period in our history. Hopefully you have enlightened some with these powerful images.

11 Jan 2013 11:13am

@Julie L. Brown: Hi Julie - thank you so much...Wishing you all the best <3

Jason Politte from Conway, AR, United States

Excellent series to remind us all of the horrors that humanity is capable of inflicting. I shall look forward to checking out those links tonight.

11 Jan 2013 12:11pm

@Jason Politte: Thank you so much, Jason.....I really appreciate it :-)

Rick from Toronto, Canada

A powerful series, for sure, and I thank you for sharing it. Canada has its own shameful episodes, and we were very much in the nasty knee-jerk reaction category when it came to Japanese-Canadians at the time. As a species, we are still seemingly infantile on a true cosmic scale of spirituality.

11 Jan 2013 2:24pm

@Rick: well said Monsieur! Thank you so much for your perennial generosity and are one in a billion:-)

Judy aka L@dybug from Brooksville, FL, United States

A difficult, but wonderfully created series, Denny, which I have followed.
I've just spent a long while reading on the sites you shared; it was interesting to read the bios of the six participants.
Will mankind ever learn?

11 Jan 2013 3:05pm

@Judy aka L@dybug: Hi Judy - yes, thank you so much! I am touched that you took the time to check these out :-) If you watch the documentary, the participants all are in there, and ,as the film goes along, we get to see (and mostly hear) their individual stories...."Children of the Camps" centers around the therapy session weekend retreats (group therapy) That Dr Ina conducted way back in the late 90's. The camera person on both documentaries was Clay Emery (you can google any of these people by the way) and Clay was phenomenal. Then there was my old pal Steve, whom you do not see but his touch is evident throughout both films. "From a Silk Cocoon" is a bit more easy to follow as it is docu-drama rather than strict documentary...Both are just awesome...I think both of them an be watched online. Thanks again fr your wonderful comments and time :-)

franz from Baden, Austria

hope is last to die, they say ... so, perhaps we WILL learn from past mistakes ... eventually !!
once again, i commend you on posting these pictures and including the relevant info, danny! well done indeed!

11 Jan 2013 6:18pm

@franz: Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Franz! You are so kind and I DO appreciate it so much :-)

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

A powerful image Denny! Probably the most moving of the series! Bravo! ;-)

11 Jan 2013 7:41pm

@Eric Cousineau: Thank you so much Eric! I do appreciate it :-)

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

A wonderful series, Denny. We need to be reminded of such events or we will repeat them.

11 Jan 2013 9:45pm

@Steve Rice: Hi Steve - Thank you so much...I quite agree and will do my best to push that along, that's for sure. Man I really loved yoour image today :-)

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

Great documentary post, Denny! If only we lived by the words of Thomas Paine!

11 Jan 2013 11:17pm

@Steven: Thank you so much, Steven.....I completely agree.

RBL from Oxford, United States

Great series Denny ... I will never understand how and why some people can be so despicable; I just don't get it. I will check out your link over the weekend! Take Care!

12 Jan 2013 12:12am

@RBL: It is an unanswered question, that is for sure. Only people with a heart can help and it seems our society is growing in the wrong direction. Thanks for looking in and commenting, Ruthie.

Elaine Hancock from Rockville, United States

This was a very touching and powerful series. It made me think alot about my friend and her family and what they went through. She never got over it and always had an underlying anger which is so justified.

12 Jan 2013 12:24am

@Elaine Hancock: Thank you Elaine - I definitely understand....After watching the videos and learning alot about the issues from classes i took in college as in Intercultural Communication student, I began to really wonder what was going on....Thanks Elaine :-0

Abena from Illinois, United States

The white thing on the left is really interesting. I think this is a really intense series so thanks for sharing. The whole thing is horrifying.. I definitely will check the links.

12 Jan 2013 2:01am

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

Interesting series. Thanks.

13 Jan 2013 3:46am

Jeff from Honolulu, United States

Excellent series, Denny. Given the ethnic makeup of the population where I live, this topic is well-known and universally deplored. I saw a museum exhibit a few years ago at Honolulu's Academy of Art, where incredible photographs were displayed. They were much like what you have posted.

16 Jan 2013 8:37am