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Steamtown N.H.S. - Scranton, PA

Posted by
Denny Jump (Bellevue, WA, United States) on 14 July 2014 in Transportation.

This is a display from Steamtown National Historic Site, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.. Just over one-hour's drive north of our house in Easton, Pennsylvania. I have always wanted to visit this National Historic Site, so we finally made the drive up to Scranton.

I grew up in a railroad town and I worked for the railroad for a few years prior to entering the Army (and off to Vietnam). My two older brothers both worked there much longer than I and are now both retired from the railroad. So, as you can see, trains - and just about all things transportation - are in my bones :-)

We visited Steamtown during "mid-day" on a clear bright Sunday so, the photography rather shows that fact - sorry :-) But we enjoyed our visit.

This Engine is known as a "Big Boy," for obvious reasons as it is over 130 Feet long and wheel count is described as "4-8-8-4" . I took a shot of the placard and posted it in this collage as well, to provide some background for you.I had Barbara take these two long shots of me standing - first at the front of the engine and then, next, standing all the way back at the spot where the engineer, and brakeman, and probably fireman rode.

The early days of the American Railroad industry were amazing and there is far too much data to present here, but I was particularly impressed with this giant engine. Incidentally, the shot of the wheels and mechanisms is quite compressed....the distance between the posts to the side of the engine ( the posts with the chains) was about 3 meters, between each one as I recall.

I hope you enjoy this :-)

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